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As a criminal justice professional, you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to serve your community and improve your career prospects. As one of the main metropolitan areas in Texas, San Antonio really relies on their criminal justice workers to keep the community safe.

San Antonio is home to the San Antonio Police Department, one of the largest criminal justice employers in the state. They have special departments like the Homicide Unit and Special Victims Unit, which are staffed by experts in these fields.

If you want to get your start in the criminal justice field in San Antonio, it all starts with a criminal justice degree. Just like there are many criminal justice employers in this area, there are a variety of schools you can attend. Check out our list of schools below and contact any schools that you want to learn more about.

No matter where you live in San Antonio, the VIA Metropolitan Transit system can help you get to and from class. VIA includes bus and primo service, for which you can buy daily, weekly, or monthly passes. They also have student rates, making it even easier for you to get to class on a budget.

Criminal Justice Schools in Other Major Texas Cities

Criminal Justice Education in San Antonio

Criminal justice education is a big priority in San Antonio, which you can clearly see when you look at the variety of schools in the area. You can choose between public and private schools, and associate or bachelor’s degree programs. Remember, location isn’t the only factor at play here—VIA makes it easy to get to school wherever you live in San Antonio.

If you plan on earning an associate degree in criminal justice, you can complete your program in two years. You may need to take courses in general fields as well as criminal justice courses. Some of the criminal justice courses you may take include criminal justice ethics, criminology, and court procedures.

A bachelor’s degree is a more in-depth option for you. Like associate degree students, you take courses in a variety of general education topics and criminal justice fields. However, you may have an opportunity that associate degree students do. Many bachelor’s degree programs let you choose a concentration. Completing a concentration can give you the knowledge you need to get a higher-ranking job.

There are a variety of tuition rates and financial aid opportunities in San Antonio. At the University of Texas at San Antonio, tuition for residents is approximately $4,670 per semester. For non-residents, it is about $6,065 per semester. Accredited criminal justice programs in San Antonio qualify for financial aid. You can fill out your annual FAFSA to get federal grants and loans. There are also local and nationwide criminal justice scholarships that can help reduce your financial burden.

You may find it beneficial to join local criminal justice associations as a student, particularly if you know what career you want to follow after graduation. Some San Antonio options include the Texas Jail Association, the San Antonio Paralegal Association, and the San Antonio Police Officers Association.

Job Outlook for Criminal Justice Graduates in San Antonio

Because you can use a criminal justice degree in so many ways, you can take your career in many different directions.

Associate degree graduates can tackle several different entry-level careers after graduation. Some of the jobs you can apply for and the San Antonio median salary from the Bureau of Labor Statistics are listed below:

  • Security guards: $28,440 per year
  • Correctional officers: $41,690 per year
  • Bailiffs: $45,640 per year

If you graduate with a bachelor’s degree, you may have the qualifications and education necessary to tackle more advanced positions. You may find success with the following jobs:

  • Private detectives: $54,100 per year
  • Criminal investigators: $73,590 per year
  • Correctional officer supervisors: $52,030 per year

You can also look for employment with the San Antonio Police Department. Starting salaries range from $45,000 and go up from there (http://www.sapdcareers.com/pay-and-benefits/salary/). The salary you earn depends on what your level of education is and how many years you are on the force. With five years of experience, you can earn between $62,832 and $64,272 annually.

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