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With the growing population in the eastern United States, crime has increased as well. However, West Virginia is fighting back with two tools: technology and an increased presence of specialized state troopers.

In late 2013, West Virginia MetroNews reported that the West Virginia State Police had released a new crime fighting app. This app allows the police to connect with the public and send out alerts, while also helping the public quickly and easily contact the police department closest to them.

The Select Committee on Crimes Against Children, according to Associated Press, has allocated millions of dollars to the hiring of state troopers that are experienced in crimes against children. The committee hopes to more quickly find and prosecute those who view child pornography, abuse a child, or sexually assault a child.

Criminal Justice Education in West Virginia

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With all of the new initiatives happening in West Virginia, it is clear that they need technology-savvy criminal justice graduates. Whether you plan on earning an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you can look forward to getting a thorough education on every step of the criminal justice system.

Criminal justice covers many different parts of the justice process, from arresting suspects to courtroom procedures. Since you may end up working in a variety of roles in the field, your criminal justice curriculum is likely to have a long list of required classes. While course names differ between schools, most criminal justice programs require coursework in the following areas:

  • Corrections
  • Policing
  • Court Procedures
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Justice Ethics

Depending on which school you attend, you may be able to choose a specialty area of study in your criminal justice education. This can qualify you for specialized job titles. Schools often allow you to focus on the following areas:

  • Forensic Science
  • Victimology
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Corrections
  • Homeland Security

In addition, you may be able to complete an internship or practicum. This experience can help you figure out what type of career you want to pursue after graduation.

West Virginia criminal justice students looking for scholarships can consult the following sources for help: the W.P. Black Scholarship Fund, the Bernice Pickens Parsons Fund for Paraprofessional Law Training, the West Virginia Higher Education Grant and the West Virginia Sheriff’s Association Scholarship Award Program. Students should also check for school-specific funding opportunities at their college or university.

Outlook for Criminal Justice in West Virginia

After completing your criminal justice degree, it’s time to finally start your career and put your education to work. With over 16,000 people working in the criminal justice field in West Virginia, there are many different ways you can put your skills to use. Of the 16,000 criminal justice employees in West Virginia, almost 13,000 are security guards, police officers, and correctional officers.

Some careers are more in-demand in West Virginia, particularly security guards, patrol officers, and correctional officers. While some locations may require you to have a Bachelor’s degree, you can often get started in these career paths with an Associate’s degree. With education and experience, you may be able to work your way up to a supervisory role in your field.

The average salaries for criminal justice graduates in West Virginia range from $26,800 for bailiffs to $60,100 for supervisors of correctional officers (O*Net, 2012). However, you may be able to earn a higher salary if you have specialized knowledge. For example, with the new child protection committee and police app in West Virginia, applicants with coursework in crimes against children or police technology may be able to earn higher salaries.

Now that you know what a criminal justice degree can do for you and your career goals, it’s time to act! Use our simple search tool to find schools that can help you get started. Once you’ve contacted schools that interest you, click here to learn about available scholarships in criminal justice.

West Virginia Criminal Justice Schools

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