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State Agency: Alaska Department of Law (Division of Criminal Justice)


As the population grows and crime grows right along with it, criminal justice is an ever-growing and evolving field. This is particularly true in Alaska; even though Alaska is sparsely populated in many parts and has a high median income, it has high rates of violent crime when compared to the rest of the country. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Alaska is the most dangerous state in the nation.

In particular, according to Anchorage Daily News, rape is a major problem In Alaska. Sex crimes in Alaska occur at three times the national average. Moreover, child sexual assault rates are six times the national average. With Governor Sean Parnell calling the issue “an epidemic,” there’s a strong need for a strong criminal justice system to help victims and find and persecute offenders.

Criminal Justice Education in Alaska

Using CriminalJusticePrograms.com is an easy way to find out the information you want to know about criminal justice education. After you spend some time learning about what a criminal justice degree can help you do, use our directory to find schools near you.

When you look at how complex our justice system is, it is easy to see how much there is to learn. Many criminal justice programs are specific to the state they are in. This can help you learn about the laws and procedures specific to Alaska, since not following procedure can cause issues throughout the entire process.

No matter which type of job you plan on pursuing after you complete your criminal justice education, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the entire criminal justice system and how it works. As a result, the curriculum for an Alaska criminal justice program is likely to be thorough and diverse. Class requirements are different for each school, but almost every program requires you to complete courses in the following areas:

  • Criminology and Victimology
  • Policing and Corrections
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Justice Ethics

There are several ways you can boost the power of your degree and leverage it into a career. First, if your school gives you the option, choose a specialized area of study like forensic science or violent crime. You can also choose to pursue an internship while you are a student. This can give you priceless experience in your field, and it may even turn into a job offer.

Students of criminal justice can choose from nearly five schools in Alaska. Associate and bachelor’s degrees are available.If you are concerned about paying for school, you may want to visit this page to learn more about criminal justice scholarships.

Outlook for Criminal Justice in Alaska

One of the main benefits of earning a criminal justice degree is the fact that it can propel you into a variety of career paths. There are thousands of people working in the criminal justice field in Alaska, with varied job titles like criminal investigator, first-line supervisor, and jailer.

If you earn an associate degree or certificate in criminal justice, there are many different entry-level jobs you can get in the field. You may be able to work as a security guard or correctional officer. If you are leaning toward earning a bachelor’s degree in this field, you might choose to work as a detective, investigator, or first-line supervisor, all of which can require the logical reasoning skills imparted by a bachelor’s degree. Average salaries for these careers are listed in the graph below. Data found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2017.

Average Annual Alaska Salary

As you start your job search, make sure to use your degree to its full advantage by highlighting any specialty areas of study. If you completed special coursework in a specific area of criminal justice, this can give you the edge in more specialized jobs.

If you have a passion for doing what’s right and you want to improve the safety of your community, you can contact our featured schools to learn what degree choice is right for you!

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