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Security threats aren’t merely a matter of hiring an armed guard and locking doors any longer. With technology rapidly evolving and threats coming both domestically and from abroad, the field of security management is growing. Many degree programs are available either at the undergraduate or graduate level in security management, as well as many online degree programs.

Security Management Job Description

Graduates of these programs typically pursue careers in federal or local government civil service, general public or private management, military service, law enforcement, or private security. Those earning a degree in security management may go on to work as a corporate security officer at a private organization; a diplomatic security officer working to protect ambassadors and other officials; a homeland security product officer creating technology used to protect homes and communities; or an intelligence officer collecting and analyzing information to help prevent and protect against potential threats.

How to Become a Security Manager

Students will be prepared to manage the complex threats facing society today, and may even gain hands-on field experience.A typical security management degree program includes coursework in:

  • Security information and management
  • Emergency planning
  • Business asset protection
  • Information and technology security
  • Group and individual behavioral issues
  • Legal and ethical issues surrounding the career field

A typical curriculum will include 18 credit hours of core courses, ranging from research methods in criminal justices and security to security management ethics; 15 hours of major courses the may include international terrorism, international security management, protective services, computer crime, industrial espionage, security architecture, airport security design, physical security systems design, or homeland defense. Depending on whether the program is offered at the undergraduate or graduate level, there may also be a field experience, research, or capstone component.

Different sectors of security management may require degrees or educational backgrounds in other areas, as well. Individuals may be interested in working:

  • Physical security
  • Information security
  • Personnel security
  • Information systems security
  • Homeland security
  • Critical infrastructure protection

ASIS international, a professional organization of nearly more than 37,000 security management professionals, offers career information on each sector.

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