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As numerous colleges offer criminal justice degrees in Tennessee, CriminalJusticePrograms.com is here to help you choose the criminal justice program that fits your education and career goals. As online education is on the rise, keep in mind you can attend classes at a college online almost anywhere in the nation. Don’t let the colleges near you limit your potential criminal justice specialty!

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Criminal Justice Education in Tennessee

There are a large number of degrees offered in Tennessee colleges for criminal justice programs. An Associate’s Degree for Criminal Justice is offered in many Tennessee colleges throughout the state. There are Bachelor’s Degree courses offered in criminal justice administration and in legal studies in several cities in Tennessee as well.

Students in Tennessee have a variety of funding options at their fingertips for criminal justice education, including the Tennessee Hope Access Grant, Tennessee Ned McWherter Scholars Program, the Bird Dog Foundation Essay Contest and Tennessee Student Assistance Award Program.

Tennessee has a Transfer Pathway for those with Associate Degrees to move into a bachelor’s program, making it possible for students to save time and money by starting at a community college and finishing at a public university.

With a BS in Criminal Justice, graduates may pursue employment at the local, state or federal level as a criminal investigator, corrections officer, legal assistant, customs agent or court administrator.

The Department of Justice offer internship programs for undergraduates in their senior year and those Criminal Justice students who have specifically been accepted in the CJA programs. This opens the door in over thirty criminal justice agencies, such as the district attorney’s office, public defenders, for probation and parole officers and in various courts. This is a huge advantage for students to be able to experience the day to day operations of the criminal justice system, while also seeing the applications of the theory at work in the profession.

Outlook for Criminal Justice in Tennessee

If you choose to pursue a career in protective services with your criminal justice degree, you can expect a mean annual salary of $37,930 in the state of Tennessee. Exact figures vary depending on experience. However, detectives and criminal investigators earn nearly $70,060, on par for the region, according to 2017 data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation hires special agent criminal investigators, as well as other jobs including forensic technicians and intelligence analysts. Prospective applicants will be thoroughly investigated, which means former employers, acquaintances, neighbors, previous schools, credit history, military records and credit will all be reviewed before a job is offered. Other federal jobs found throughout the state of Tennessee include working with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.

Numerous counties in Tennessee have job openings for police or probation officers and deputy sheriffs. If you choose to get a criminal justice degree, whether as a paralegal or a corrections officer in Tennessee the beginning salary may start out at $49,200 annually (Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2017). Income will always increase with additional experience.

According to LawEnforcementEDU.net Tennessee’s high crime rate translates into high demand for various police positions. Salaries vary according to the area of the state and the individuals’ experience. The average Tennessee salaries in 2017:

  • A police and sheriff’s patrol officer – $44,320
  • Supervisors of Police and Detectives – $63.390
  • Detectives and criminal Investigators – $70,060

Graduates of a Criminal Justice Program have a vast array of agencies offering excellent jobs, particularly in federal agencies. In addition to the career fields listed above, other options include the FBI, Secret Service, Border Patrol, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the U.S. Marshals Service.

We hope our information helped with your career decisions. Now, you can find criminal justice schools in Tennessee below to request information from multiple colleges and help you choose the best program for your career path.
If you are concerned about paying for school, you may want to visit this page to learn more about criminal justice scholarships.

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