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Have you ever envisioned yourself as one of the proud members of the Criminal Justice community that protects Memphis? Whether you want to work on the street, in the courtroom, or the prison system, Memphis has several possible career choices for you.

There are many ways you can serve your city, but one of the most inolved CJ institutions in Memphis is the Memphis Police Department. They serve the eight precincts of Memphis with several divisions. This ensures that no one and no area gets overlooked by the department. There are also five divisions within the Memphis Police Department: Administrative, Invetigative, Speical Operations, and two Uniform Patrol units.

If you’re starting to think of a career in Criminal Justice, it’s time to look at schools! Memphis has a number of public and private college options to consider. Check out our extensive list of schools below where you can learn more about each school and what programs they offer. Feel free to contact any schools you may want to attend.

Criminal Justice Schools in Other Major Tennessee Cities

Criminal Justice Education in Memphis

Getting a Criminal justice Education is possible at several different schools in the Memphis area. You can evaluate schools on courses, reputation, and cost. Tuition and financial aid are very important, and costs vary significantly between schools. For example, the cost of tuition at the University of Memphis is $4,156 for in-state residents and $11,512 for non-residents per 12 creit hour semester.

There are so many different courses that you can take as a Criminal Justice student. In general, lower-level courses in fields like policing, courtroom procedures, correctional procedures, and criminology are all required. However, higher-level courses are often electives. You may choose electives in the second half of your degree; be sure to choose ones that can help you meet your career goals. Some schools require you to choose a concentration, which may determine which electives you can take.

Memphis is home to many Criminal Justice organizations that can help you get the most out of your education. It can be well worth your while to join these groups; not only can you network with possible employers, you can get a good feel for what the career is like. In Memphis, you can join groups like the Greater Memphis Paralegal Alliance and the Memphis Police Association.

Job Outlook for Criminal Justice Graduates in Memphis

Starting your career allows you to put all of your education and experience to use. While in school, it’s important to look into your career options and work towards the career of your choice. Your options depend largely on your educational level.

If you earn an associate degree, there are many entry-level careers you can pursue. Take a look at some of the most popular choices, listed here with their average salaries:

A bachelor’s degree gives you a wider variety of skills and education, which can serve you well when it comes to the job search. You may look into the jobs listed above; however, you can also consider the following career paths:

There are also career options with the Memphis Police Department. As a recruit, your salary may start at $37,972.22 per year. During your one-year probation, the annual salary bumps up to $40,630.46 per year.

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