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Criminal Justice Programs in Fort Worth, Texas


Criminal Justice is one of the most important parts of society. In Fort Worth, residents rely on police officers and other justice professionals to maintain safety and justice. If you’ve ever wondered how you can serve your community while starting an exciting new career, Criminal Justice may be the field for you.


One of the most significant justice institutions in Fort Worth is the Fort Worth Police Department. There are two commands: the North Command and South Command. These commands cover six different divisions, providing service to every part of the city.

They also offer four support and specialized divisions: Public Relations, Investigative, Specialized, and Support. The Investigative Department handles Fugitive and Human Trafficking cases. The Specialized Bureau is a department that consists of Bike Patrol, Intelligence gathering, K-9, Narcotics, SWAT and Vice. Finally, the Support Bureau encompasses divisions such as the Auto Pound, Communications, Emergency Response, Command, and Internal Affairs.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Criminal Justice community of Fort Worth, it all starts with a strong education. There are several different educational institutions located in the Fort Worth area. Look at our list of schools below and contact any schools you may be interested in attending.

Criminal Justice Schools in Other Major Texas Cities

Criminal Justice Education in Fort Worth

Because the field of Criminal Justice relies so heavily on the law and procedure, it is essential to have a thorough education in the field before you begin a career path. One of the biggest choices you have to make is what type of degree you want: an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. An associate degree requires two years, while a bachelor’s degree requires a four-year commitment. Tuition rates vary between Fort Worth schools, so be sure to look at tuition and financial aid when you choose a school. For example, tuition at Texas Christian University is $49,160 per year.

Whether you earn an associate degree or bachelor’s degree, the topics you cover are largely the same. You’ll likely gain a strong education in everything from the street to the prison system. Your coursework may include law enforcement, corrections procedures, social justice, and criminology.

There are two main ways to get the most out of your education. First, you can complete an internship. This is usually done in your last year of school, and most internships require a three to six hour commitment for an entire semester. Second, choose a special field of study. Many schools offer specializations in fields like corrections, Internet crime, and juvenile delinquency.

In Fort Worth, there are a variety of local Criminal Justice organizations that can help you network in the community. Local organizations include the
Fort Worth Paralegal Association, the Fort Worth Police Officers Association, and the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators.

Job Outlook for Criminal Justice Graduates in Fort Worth

Once you have earned your Criminal Justice Degree, there are many different career options you can choose. You may end up working in the community, at the police department, or in the prison system.

If you hold an associate degree, you can go into many different parts of the Criminal Justice system. Consider these career options:

A bachelor’s degree can broaden the number of opportunities for you when it comes to the job search. In addition to the jobs listed above, consider these higher-level careers:

An associate or bachelor’s degree can also prepare you for a career with the Fort Worth Police Department. While in training, you can earn a salary of $4,628 per month. Upon graduation, that increases to $5,549 per month.

2022 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, TX positions contained here reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed November 2023.