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Criminal Justice Programs in Milwaukee


Criminal Justice plays a vital role in citizens’ everyday life, and in Milwaukee it is no different. Residents and tourists alike rely on police officers, security guards, and investigators to maintain justice in the city. If you want to become part of this dynamic community, there are several different career paths you can pursue.

One of the most significant criminal justice employers in the Milwaukee area is the Milwaukee Police Department. The department serves all seven districts of Milwaukee, including community liaison services in five of these districts.


The first step to getting a Criminal Justice career is seeking out the right education. Check out our list of Milwaukee criminal justice schools below. You can look into each school, find out what degrees they offer, and contact any schools you are interested in for more information.

No matter where you live in Milwaukee, you can benefit from its strong public transit system. The Milwaukee County Transit System offers bus service all over the city. In fact, it offers bus service to all of Milwaukee County and surrounding counties. You can get to and from class, work, and internships with ease.

Criminal Justice Education in Milwaukee

Earning a Criminal Justice degree in Milwaukee starts with choosing between your two main degree choices: an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree. Both degrees have their advantages, so it’s important to way to the pros and cons of each before deciding which avenue to take.

One of the important factors to keep in mind is financial aid and tuition as you look for the right school. Tuition rates vary significantly from school to school. For example, tuition at the University of Milwaukee is $4,650.11 for residents and $9,514.31 for non-residents.

The curriculum for each Criminal Justice program is diverse, since it is meant to prepare you for all sorts of careers in the field. You may need to take classes in fields like Internet crime, policing procedures, correction procedures, and forensic science. These classes are a blend of lecture learning and hands-on learning.

There are many local Criminal Justice organizations in Milwaukee. Many offer reduced rates for students. Joining an organization can have many benefits and you can learn more about employers in the area and make valuable connections. Consider membership in local groups like the Paralegal Association of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Police Association, and the Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators.

Job Outlook for Criminal Justice Graduates in Milwaukee

With a Criminal Justice degree, you may be able to go after many different types of criminal justice careers. The jobs open to you depend on many factors, including your education, your experience, and what connections you have within the industry.

An associate degree gives you a broad base of knowledge in most Criminal Justice subfields, so you may be eligible for a range of entry-level careers. Consider some of the most popular associate-level justice careers in Milwaukee:

If you put in the extra work to earn a Bachelor’s degree, there are additional career opportunities available to you. Look into these careers for a start:

Whether you have an associate or a bachelor’s Degree, you may be able to become a police officer with the Milwaukee Police Department. The starting salary is $63,546 per year. You may also earn up to $84,743 per year.

2022 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for Milwaukee, WI positions contained here reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed November 2023.

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