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Do your career goals include finding a job that allows you to serve the residents of Alexandria while playing an important role in the community? Like any other city, Alexandria relies on trustworthy, educated police officers, investigators, guards, and more to keep the city and its residents safe.

Of course, the Alexandria Police Department may well be one of the most trusted institutions in the area. With dedicated homicide, crime prevention, and family services units, the Alexandria Police Department serves the community at large in many different ways.

Regardless of which type of criminal justice career you want to pursue, you need to start with a strong educational foundation. You can get a great education in this field from the list of schools we have below. Contact one or more of these schools for information packets.

One of the benefits of living in Alexandria is the great public transit system, DASH. Dash has a Metrobus, Metrorail, and Railway Express transit system that make it easy for you to get to and from school. This can also be really convenient if you get a student internship that takes you out around the city. While the trolley is free, you can buy monthly passes for other services to save money.

Criminal Justice Education in Alexandria

With the colleges and universities in and around Alexandria, you may be able to start your education in as little as six months. Different schools offer different start dates, so it is important to contact different schools to find one that meets your needs.

When you think about it, criminal justice runs the gamut of the justice system. From reporting crimes all the way through to monitoring jail inmates, you may need to gain skills in a variety of fields. A criminal justice degree, whether it is an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree, is designed to do just that. You can generally expect to glean a thorough education with classes in criminal law, policing procedures, ethics, and more.

Field experience may be an important part of your program, depending on which school you attend. While many schools do not require internships, most schools at least encourage internships or practicum hours. You may be able to get experience in a courtroom, police station, or other criminal justice setting.

Tuition and financial aid should both play a role in your school selection. Tuition costs vary significantly between schools. For example, George Washington University charges $55,140 per academic year. Since criminal justice is an in-demand field, there may be numerous scholarship and grant opportunities available to you. You can apply for federal financial aid and contact your school’s financial aid office for school-specific scholarship opportunities.

Look into local criminal justice groups and associations to begin building a network of contacts within your field. Some options in and near Alexandria include the National Capital Area Paralegal Association and the Alexandria Police Association.

Job Outlook for Criminal Justice Graduates in Alexandria

Beginning your career in criminal justice is the culmination of all your hard work in school. Consider these career options as you decide how you wish to begin your career.

If you have earned an associate degree, there are many entry-level positions you may be qualified for. Here are some of the most popular, listed with their median salaries:

  • Correctional officer: $51,030 per year (BLS)
  • Bailiff: $29,740 per year (BLS)
  • Security guard: $37,200 per year (BLS)

With a bachelor’s degree, you have the above options plus many more. These are some careers that require a bachelor’s degree, listed with their median salaries:

  • Sheriff’s officer: $63,440 per year (BLS)
  • Detective: $112,180 per year (BLS)
  • Correctional officer supervisor: $71,630 per year (BLS)

You may also consider joining the Alexandria Police Department. This institution offers a starting salary of $43,617.60 per year. They also offer regular raises as you gain experience and seniority. Joining the APD qualifies you to become part of the Alexandria Police Foundation. This local organization works to boost officer morale, support police officers as they protect the community, and give them the tools they need to carry out job duties.

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