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Learn about Criminal Justice Schools in Newark

Police officers and other criminal justice professionals play one of the most important roles in society—keeping people and property safe. In Newark, it’s no different! Citizens and visitors alike rely on the dedicated service of justice professionals.

If you become a criminal justice student or employee, you’ll likely have contact with the Newark Police Department. They serve five distinct precincts in Newark, with special task forces and divisions. The Newark Police Department is the largest police force in the entire state of New Jersey.


Whether you want to become a police officer, security guard, or another criminal justice role, you can start by getting a thorough education. The field is large, so you need to get a high-quality education from one of the many schools in the Newark area. Take a look at our school list, and contact any schools that you may be interested in attending.

One of the benefits of deciding to attend school in Newark is the access to public transit. You can take advantage of NJ Transit, the area’s public transportation system. They offer 25% off of passes to college students at selected colleges and universities.

Criminal Justice Education in Newark

Prior to starting a career in the field of criminal justice, you have to pursue a degree in this area. There are many schools in and around Newark that can help you reach your dreams of working in criminal justice. As you look at different schools in the area, consider what kind of financial aid they offer and what their tuition rates are. Tuition at Berkeley College, one of the largest schools in the area, is $7,500 per semester for residents and non-residents.

As a criminal justice student, you are expected to gain experience and knowledge in a variety of fields. Your future career may take you into the courtroom, into the prison system, or out into the community. Your courses are expected to prepare you for any and all of those careers. Required coursework may include forensic science, policing procedures, courtroom procedures, and correctional procedures.

There are many local criminal justice organizations. Many of these organizations offer membership to students at a reduced rate. In Newark, there are groups like The Paralegal Association of New Jersey Inc. and the Newark Police Superior Officers’ Association.

Job Outlook for Criminal Justice Graduates in Newark

Since the field of criminal justice is so diverse, you can take your career in one of many different directions. You may want to look into these different career paths as a student so that you are prepared for the job search after graduation. The options available to you depend on a few factors: your experience, your education, and your connections.

If you have an associate degree, there are several different entry-level careers you can look into. Consider these common choices, listed here with their average Newark or New Jersey salaries as stated on the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2022:

  • Correctional officer: $80,230 per year
  • Security guard: $41,370 per year
  • Bailiff: $74,470 per year

If you put in the extra work to earn a bachelor’s degree, it may pay off when it comes to your career options. In addition to the associate degree options, you can look at these potential careers:

  • Supervisor of correctional officers: $116,680 per year
  • Detective: $116,920 per year
  • FBI agent: $81,000-$129,000 (FBI, 2024)

Another option you can consider is a career with the Newark Police Department. The average salary after one year of service is $63,902. They offer longevity pay, bilingual pay, and higher pay for those who have more education.

2022 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for New York, Newark, and Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA positions contained here reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed November 2023.