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Criminal Justice Programs in St. Louis, MO


When you think of your future career, do you envision yourself serving the community as a criminal justice professional? As the largest city in Missouri, St. Louis relies heavily on police and other public justice workers to keep the city safe.

One of the cornerstones of Criminal Justice in St. Louis is the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. The department has three patrol stations and six police districts, which ensures that everyone in the city is equally protected.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department offers a number of departments that you can look into as well. They offer divisions such as Canine, Child and Domestic Abuse, Fraud/Identity Theft, Homicide, Internal Affairs, Juvenile, Mounted Police, Sex Crimes, Crime Lab and Aviation. Never limit your thought to what you can do in Criminal Justice, as there is always a wide array of jobs out there that require different skills to help keep the public safe.

However, the first think you need is an education in the field, no matter what career path you intend on following. One of the benefits of living in a large city like St. Louis is the variety of colleges and universities you can attend. Look at our comprehensive list of schools and contact any that you are interested in.

Criminal Justice Schools in Other Major Missouri Cities

Criminal Justice Education in St. Louis

St. Louis has tons of educational opportunities for you as a prospective Criminal Justice student. You can look into public and private schools that offer this degree. You may want to keep tuition and financial aid in mind as you look into different schools as they can vary greatly. Tuition at Maryville University, one of the biggest private schools in St. Louis, is $11,906 per semester.

When you choose a degree and school, you can get right into your classes. A curriculum involves classes like juvenile delinquency, legal studies, criminal psychology, and law enforcement. You may take lower-level classes in every Criminal Justice subfield, and then decide what fields you would like to pursue further. Then, you can take higher-level courses in those areas.

It’s important to begin networking and building connections even as a student. In St. Louis, there are many different Criminal Justice organizations with niche career focuses. If you know what career you want to pursue, consider joining one of these organizations. In St. Louis, some of the largest organizations include the St. Louis Paralegal Association and the St. Louis Police Officers Association.

Job Outlook for Criminal Justice Graduates in St. Louis

Once you’ve worked hard to earn your criminal justice degree, you can get started in your career. Because you learn so much during your time in school, you can pursue any one of many career paths. The options that you can look into depend on your education, experience, and connections.

If you have an associate’s Degree, you likely have the skills and education needed for many versatile Criminal Justice careers. Consider some of these top choices:

With a bachelor’s Degree, you can consider many more career paths in addition to those listed above. These are some popular choices in the St. Louis area:

Finally, you may also want to consider a career with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. New officers undergo a 12-month probationary period, at which point they can become sworn police officers.