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When people need help, who do they turn to? They turn to police, investigators, and other criminal justice workers that work hard to keep the streets of Detroit safe every day. If you’re interested in serving your city while starting a rewarding career, consider a career in criminal justice.

One of the largest justice institutions in Detroit is the Detroit Police Department. They have 12 offices located throughout Detroit—one for each precinct. It’s clear that they value their criminal justice graduates; the business community of Detroit recently donated $8 million to provide new work vehicles for the entire department.

Ready to get started? Your career path starts with a quality education from one of the many schools in the Detroit area. Take a look at our list of criminal justice schools in the Detroit area; we make it easy for you to contact any school you may be interested in.

As you look at schools in the Detroit area, you don’t have to limit yourself to schools in your immediate vicinity. You can take advantage of the Detroit Department of Transportation, which offers bus service all over the city. They have student rates that are 50% lower than standard rates.

Criminal Justice Education in Detroit

One of the earliest decisions you have to make as a criminal justice student is what school you want to attend. Detroit is home to many public and private schools that offer degrees in this field. Tuition rates vary quite a bit from school to school, so it’s wise to check out each school before settling on one. For example, the cost of tuition at University of Detroit Mercy is $43,710 per year.

Throughout the course of your degree, you can plan on exploring many different criminal justice subjects. You may take courses in subjects like law enforcement, criminology, police procedures, and Internet crime. Most schools have space in their curriculum for elective courses; this allows you to choose courses that fit your future career goals. Some schools even allow you to choose a field of concentration.

You may want to consider a field learning experience, like an internship or practicum. After choosing which field you want to learn more about, your school can set you up with a six-week practicum or semester-long internship.

You can try to boost your chances of landing an internship by looking into Detroit-based criminal justice organizations. These organizations can put you in touch with leaders in the field. Look into groups like the Detroit Police Officers Association and the Michigan Council of Professional Investigators.

Job Outlook for Detroit Criminal Justice Graduates

As you go through school, it’s important to keep your career goals in mind. The overall job outlook for criminal justice graduates is strong; no matter how the economy ebbs and flows, public safety is always of the utmost importance.

After earning an Associate’s degree in this field, you may wonder what career options are open to you. There are several options to consider—these are some of the most popular career paths, listed with their average Detroit salaries as stated on the BLS in 2012:

  • Security guard: $29,860 per year
  • Bailiff: $38,050 per year
  • Correctional officer: $48,130 per year

If you put in the extra two years of school to earn a Bachelor’s degree, you may be rewarded with a greater selection of careers. These are some criminal justice careers that require a Bachelor’s degree:

  • Police and detective supervisor: $76,470 per year
  • Detective: $96,300 per year
  • FBI agent: $43,441 per year (FBI, 2014)

If you are considering joining the FBI in Detroit, there is a range of career options from intelligence analysts to cyber experts, translators to engineers. Be sure to check out their internship opportunities! Internships are a great way to learn how an institution operates as well as show them your skill set and it could possibly turn into a job offering.

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