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Boston Criminal Justice Schools

As one of the busiest cities in New England, it's clear that Boston has a great need for criminal justice professionals. No matter where your skills lie, a criminal justice degree can put you in the position to serve Boston and its residents.

Like many criminal justice students, you may aspire to become part of the Boston Police Department, one of the most highly-regarded justice institutions in the area. With 12 offices serving every part of Boston, the Department relies on a steady stream of educated, skilled police officers to maintain order in the city.

Criminal justice is a big field, so it's clear that post-high school education is a must. You can contact one or more of our featured schools, listed below, to learn more about criminal justice programs in Boston and what choices are available to you. Each school you contact can send you an information packet, which may help you make an informed choice.

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Worried that it may be too hard to get to school? Never fear, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is here. With three different transit services—subway, bus, and commuter rail—it is simple to get online, look at routes, and find the easiest way to get to school every day. Different fare and pass packages make it easy to choose a plan that fits your needs.

Criminal Justice Education in Boston

One of the educational hubs of New England, Boston has a great selection of schools. This includes public schools, private schools, two-year institutions, and four-year institutions. You may even be able to take courses online to earn your degree.

Prior to committing to a program, you need to select what kind of degree you want to earn. An Associate's degree is a popular choice, as it only requires two years of full-time study. However, a Bachelor's degree may be a good choice for you if you want to pursue higher-level criminal justice careers. This degree requires four years of study.

Regardless of which degree level you choose to pursue, your schooling is comprised of two parts: general education and criminal justice courses. General education courses give you a strong educational base on which to base your career. Criminal justice classes take you through fields like criminal law, criminal justice ethics, court procedures, and policing procedures.

There are two ways you can set yourself apart from your peers. First, you can complete a concentration or area of focus. By focusing on a field like victimology, cyber crime, or forensic crime, you may qualify for more specialized work in these fields. You can also choose an internship, which allows you to gain experience in a criminal justice environment.

As you look at all of the criminal justice programs that Boston offers, remember to look into tuition and financial aid. Rates vary between schools, but tuition tends to be less at public colleges and universities. Tuition at Boston University, one of the most prominent schools in Boston, is $21,985 per semester.

As a student, take advantage of local criminal justice groups. You can network with professionals in the career path you want to pursue and learn more about the community. Groups based in or near Boston include the Massachusetts Paralegal Association, the High Technology Crime Investigation Association, and the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association.

Massachusetts Criminal Justice Schools

Bay State College (Boston, MA)
Programs Offered:

Associate of Applied Science - Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice
Boston University (Boston, MA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice, Graduate Certificate - Information Security (online), Master of Criminal Justice - Criminal Justice (online), Undergraduate Certificate - Criminal Justice
Bunker Hill Community College (Boston, MA)
Programs Offered:

Associate of Science - Criminal Justice, Associate of Science - Digital and Computer Forensics and Investigations, Certificate - Law Enforcement, Certificate - Paralegal
Fisher College (Boston, MA)
Programs Offered:

Associate in Science - Criminal Justice, Associate in Science - Paralegal Studies, Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts - Justice Studies
Northeastern University (Boston, MA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice, Doctor of Philosophy - Criminology and Justice Policy, Executive Master of Science - Criminal Justice Leadership (online), Master of Science - Criminal Justice, Master of Science - Information Assurance
Suffolk University (Boston, MA)
Programs Offered:

Associate in Science - Paralegal Studies, Bachelor of Arts - Paralegal Studies, Bachelor of Science - Crime and Justice, Bachelor of Science - Paralegal Studies, Certificate - Paralegal Studies, Master of Science - Criminal Justice
University of Massachusetts-Boston (Boston, MA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice, Forensic Criminology (online), Graduate Certificate - Forensic Services, M.A. - Criminal Justice (online), Paralegal Studies (online), Security Studies Cert (online)

Job Outlook for Criminal Justice Graduates in Boston

Starting your criminal justice career can be one of the most exciting parts of going to school and earning your degree. Earning an Associate's degree may allow you to apply for jobs in a number of fields, including the following (listed here with their median salaries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics):

  • Correctional officer: $60,730 per year
  • Security guard: $32,020 per year

If you have a Bachelor's degree, consider some of the following career options that you may be qualified for:

  • Supervisor of police officers: $82,720 per year
  • Detective: $78,470 per year
  • Sheriff: $58,670 per year

Joining the Boston Police Department can give you many career opportunities. The Boston Globe reports starting salaries of $27,939.89 to $35,240.70. As a police officer, you can qualify for membership in groups like Boston Police Patrolmen's Association. This group can advocate for you, keep you updated on legislature, and give you access to special events.