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Criminal Justice Programs in Baltimore, MD


From day-to-day occurrences like traffic stops and rarer events like serious crime, the people of Baltimore turn to the justice system to maintain safety and fairness. If you've ever wanted to become a police officer, investigator, paralegal, court reporter, or security guard, this just might be the right field for you.

One of the biggest justice employers in Baltimore is the Baltimore Police Department. They serve nine districts, each with its own police station. They have almost 4,000 police officers and civilian workers, all dedicated to serving the people of Baltimore day in and day out.

Image provided by: The Baltimore Police Department

As you may expect, education is a very important part of Criminal Justice. Everything must follow the law and be done following a specific procedure, or else it may endanger the fairness of the entire system. If you're thinking about tackling a career in this field, look at our list of schools below. You can contact one or multiple schools for more information.

Criminal Justice Education in Baltimore

There are many great educational opportunities for you as a prospective Criminal Justice student. One of the earliest decisions you have to make is whether you want to earn an Associate's Degree or Bachelor's Degree. An Associate's generally takes two years of full-time study, while a Bachelor's takes four years of full-time study. If you earn your Bachelor's, you may have a greater selection of career choices, but an Associate's Degree lets you get started in the field quicker.

While the required courses vary between schools, you generally take classes in the same core areas no matter where you attend school. You can plan on taking courses in fields like Law Enforcement, Correctional Procedures, Juvenile Delinquency, and Criminology. In each class, you get a mix of hands-on education and traditional classroom education.

There are a range of tuition rates and financial aid options that you can consider. In general, tuition is less at public colleges than at private schools. The cost of tuition at the University of Baltimore is $3,919 for residents and $9,198 for non-residents.

Joining local Criminal Justice organizations can help you become part of the local community. In Baltimore, you can join groups like the Maryland Association of Paralegals and the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police

Maryland Criminal Justice Schools

Additional Criminal Justice Schools in Maryland
Baltimore City Community College (Baltimore, MD)
Programs Offered:
  • Associate of Applied Science - Legal Assistant: Business
  • Associate of Applied Science - Legal Assistant: General Law
  • Associate of Applied Science - Legal Assistant: Litigation
  • Bachelor of Science - Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • Certificate - Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • Certificate - Legal Assistant

  • Community College of Baltimore County (Baltimore, MD)
    Programs Offered:
  • Associate of Applied Science - Paralegal Studies

  • Coppin State University (Baltimore, MD)
    Programs Offered:
  • Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

  • University of Baltimore (Baltimore, MD)
    Programs Offered:
  • Bachelor of Arts - Community Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts - Government and Public Policy
  • Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science - Forensic Studies
  • Master of Science - Criminal Justice

  • Job Outlook for Criminal Justice Graduates in Baltimore

    You've worked long and hard to earn your Criminal Justice degree, and now it's time to get started in your new career. What career options can you choose from? This answer depends on what experience you gain in school and what your educational path taught you.

    If you earned an Associate's Degree from a technical or community college in Baltimore, there are many entry-level careers you can look into. Consider these popular choices:

    If you hold a Bachelor's Degree, you have many advantages when you start looking for jobs. The added expertise you have in your field can give you access to many new jobs, including the following:

    There is always of course, the option of becoming a police officer with the Baltimore County Police Department. As a cadet, you can earn a starting salary of $24,295 per year. Once you are sworn in, your salary can increase to $46,699 per year.

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