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As a Denver resident, you may have seen how seamlessly the criminal justice system in the city runs. From jailers and bailiffs to police officers and investigators, there may be a criminal justice career waiting for you if you have a desire to serve your community.

Regarded as potentially one of the largest criminal justice institutions in Denver, the Denver Police Department serves the community through six different stations. They place great importance on their police officers with their Police Academy, the Citizens’ Police Academy, and Police Awards.

If you’re itching to start a career in a dynamic and in-demand field, criminal justice may be right for you. Denver is home to many different schools that can help you reach your goals. Take a look at our list of schools below, and contact the schools you want more information from. Don’t be afraid to check out multiple programs—this can help you make the decision that is best for you.

Don’t limit your school search to schools that are in your immediate vicinity. With the Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver, you can easily travel around the city without spending lots of money. They offer bus and lightrail service, and you can buy a monthly pass to take either as often as you want.

Criminal Justice Schools in Other Major Colorado Cities

Criminal Justice Education in Denver

Denver has a variety of schools located all over the city, in addition to schools located in nearby suburban communities. You can pursue a criminal justice degree at some of these schools, choosing from either an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree.

You may be surprised at the variety of criminal justice courses you have to take; this is because of the wide variety of careers this degree is supposed to prepare you for. You may take courses in fields like courtroom procedures, policing procedures, criminal law, and criminal justice ethics.

If you pursue a Bachelor’s degree, you may have the chance to select a concentration or field of study. This opportunity allows you to choose one subfield that you want to get a deep understanding of. You can then take electives in that subfield; with this specialized knowledge, you may be able to secure elite internships or apply for specialized jobs.

As you decide which school to attend, keep tuition and financial aid in mind. Tuition costs cover a wide range. The cost at University of Colorado-Denver is approximately $415 per credit hour. Denver has many financial aid opportunities for criminal justice students, most of which are school-specific. Federal financial aid can give you need-based grants and loans, while school-specific financial aid may give you merit-based grants and scholarships.

Local criminal justice groups can give you a foothold in the profession of your choice. Groups based in the Denver area include the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association, the Denver Police Foundation, and the Denver Police Protective Association.

Job Outlook for Criminal Justice Graduates in Denver

The varied skills you learn as a criminal justice student can prepare you for many different career paths. In fact, exploring different career options can be one of the most exciting parts of the process! Learn more about what jobs you can pursue with your degree.

If you have an Associate’s degree, there are several types of employers that may be willing to hire you. Consider these job titles, listed with their median salaries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Security guard: $27,310 per year
  • Bailiff: $45,740 per year
  • Correctional officer: $50,350 per year

If you’ve earned a Bachelor’s degree, there may be even more career paths you can pursue. Consider these options, listed with their median salaries:

  • Supervisor of correctional officers: $73,510 per year
  • Detective: $85,350 per year
  • Sheriff’s officer: $67,940 per year

You may also consider joining the Denver Police Department, an elite institution that serves the community as a whole. According to the Department’s collective bargaining agreement, you may be able to start at an entry-level salary of $46,913 per year. Working for the police department also qualifies you to join the Denver Police Protective Association. This local group gives you the latest news and commemorates fallen police officers.

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