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Are you interested in serving Phoenix, keeping residents safe, and upholding the laws of society on a daily basis? A criminal justice career in Phoenix may be right for you. With the right education and Phoenix’s numerous career options, your new career may be just around the corner.

The Phoenix Police Department may well be the cornerstone of criminal justice in Phoenix. Serving eight precincts with dedicated police officers in each precinct, the Phoenix Police Department responds to emergency and non-emergency calls to keep the city safe.


To prepare you for a career in criminal justice, Phoenix has a variety of excellent schools with different programs in this field. To discover what programs are near you, check out our list of schools below. It’s easy to contact the schools you’re interested in and request more information, which can help you find the school that’s right for you.

Getting to and from class can be extremely easy, thanks to the Phoenix Public Transit Department. They offer bus and light rail service, for which you can buy single tickets, daily passes, or monthly passes. You can use this service to get to class, to an internship site, and anywhere else in the city you want to go.

Criminal Justice Education Information

The process of earning a criminal justice degree starts with you deciding what type of degree you want to earn. An Associate’s degree can prepare you a variety of entry-level jobs, and it only takes about two years. A Bachelor’s degree requires a four-year commitment, and it may qualify you for higher-ranking jobs.

No matter which degree you decide to pursue, the layout of your program is the same. You may complete a small selection of general education courses in English, mathematics, and science. Your education starts with lower-level criminal justice courses, which give you a thorough knowledge in various specialties like criminal law, ethics, policing procedures, and courtroom procedures. You can then build on this information with higher-level courses.

There are two main opportunities to boost your education and set yourself apart from your peers. First, you may choose to complete an internship. An internship generally lasts one semester, and you work for three to six hours per week. Try to find an internship that fits the career you want to pursue after graduation. Second, you can choose a concentration. This option is primarily available to Bachelor’s degree students. This option allows you to focus your elective courses on one subject, which may qualify you for specialized jobs after graduation.

One thing that’s probably running through your mind as you learn about Phoenix schools is the cost. Tuition costs vary significantly between schools. However, the cost of tuition at Arizona State University depends on your resident status. You can expect to pay $5,001 per semester as a resident or $11,827 per semester as a non-resident.

Local criminal justice associations band together people in similar professions while giving students a foot in the door. You may be able to join local groups like the Arizona Paralegal Association or Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.

Job Outlook for Criminal Justice Graduates in Phoenix

Once you have completed your Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, it’s time to start your career and put all your hard work to use. Consider these career options as you figure out what kind of future you want for yourself.

An Associate’s degree is a versatile degree that can qualify you for several different career paths. These are some of the most popular career choices, listed with their average salaries as stated on the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Security guard: $35,420 per year
  • Bailiff: $50,400 per year
  • Correctional officer: $48,430 per year

If you put in the extra two years to earn a Bachelor’s degree, you may be rewarded with more specialized career options. These are some of the most popular career options, listed with their median salaries:

  • Supervisor of correctional officers: $64,020 per year
  • Sheriff’s officer: $74,150 per year
  • Detective: $91,990 per year

2022 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for city-specific positions contained here reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed November 2023.