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Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs in West Virginia

It’s clear that few jobs are quite as important as keeping people safe and upholding the justice system in the United States. Jobs in this field come with a great amount of responsibility, so education and training are extremely important. Are you ready to dedicate yourself to your community and to the state of West Virginia? If so, contact the schools below to learn more about bachelor’s in criminal justice programs in West Virginia.

Working in the criminal justice field requires you to know how to work independently as well as part of the team. A recent West Virginia case involved two teen runaways who caused a multi-state crime spree. It finally ended when they were caught in West Virginia, where criminal justice professionals had to cooperate with other state’s authorities and federal authorities.

If you want to work in this field, it is important for you to be ready to handle tragic and sometimes traumatizing cases. Criminal justice professionals in West Virginia recently broke up a dog fighting ring that led them to 21 horribly abused dogs. The good news is that if you are ready to handle these situations, you can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Getting Your Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice in West Virginia

Completing your undergraduate degree in criminal justice can make you a great asset to private employers, nonprofit agencies, and government agencies across West Virginia. Over the duration of your education, you must complete 120 credits that span different criminal justice subjects, techniques, and specialties.

When you enroll in a criminal justice program, you may find that your curriculum includes many engaging and exciting courses. Some of the classes you may be required to take include The Criminal Justice System in America, Victimology, Criminology, Police in Modern Society, and Modern Issues in Criminal Justice.

The knowledge you gain in these courses may be directly applicable to an internship or externship at a local agency. If you get this opportunity, take advantage of it. It can help connect you to potential employers.

Financial aid opportunities in this field of study are often available through employers, schools, and the federal government. The West Virginia Sheriffs’ Association is just one local organization with financial aid programs for promising students.

Working with Your Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

After you earn your degree, you may start to apply for jobs in any number of positions. Salaries in West Virginia vary widely between job titles, and this may factor into your employment decisions. In West Virginia, the average salary for a police supervisor is $49,500 per year (O*Net, 2014). For private detectives, the average salary is $44,600 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Overall, job growth in this field is fairly stable. By the year 2022, O*Net anticipates a 5% increase in police supervision jobs. This time frame may also see an 11% increase in job openings for private detectives (O*Net, 2012).

The path to an exciting criminal justice career starts here. Get started by contacting criminal justice programs in West Virginia.