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Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs in New Mexico

One of the most important jobs of the government and of society as a whole is to protect its citizens. In the United States, this work is done by millions of hard-working, highly trained criminal justice professionals. In New Mexico, where many serious crimes tend to be fairly common, the criminal justice system is even more important.

If you want to get back to your community while building a career for yourself, contact the schools below to learn more about bachelor’s in criminal justice programs in New Mexico.

Unfortunately, one of the areas most affected by crime is Albuquerque. Since December 2014, police in this area have seen over 90 criminal incidents per month in the Nob Hill area. As a result, the local economy is suffering. An increase in police officers and security guards may help this area returned to its former glory.

Another growing area of crime in New Mexico is hate crimes. A local break-in at a salon has led investigators to believe that the crime may be racially motivated. Completing your degree in this area may give you the knowledge you need to strengthen New Mexico communities.

Earning Your Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree in NM

Once you complete your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you may have the knowledge and skills that are necessary to start a variety of careers. That’s why it should come as no surprise that you have to complete a rigorous and diverse curriculum before graduating. When you start out as a new student, you may enroll in classes like Criminology, Victimology, and Research Methodology in Criminal Justice.

Once you have a core understanding of this field under your belt, you may take higher-level classes like Penology, Juvenile Justice, Cybercrime, Criminal Justice Administration and Management, and Special Issues in Criminal Justice.

There are many benefits to completing an internship or externship. First, you can begin applying your knowledge to a real-life work setting. Second, you may build professional connections that help you start your career after graduation. Internships typically take place near the end of your education, so you may want to prepare ahead of time by getting good grades.

Scholarships and grants can do a lot to help you afford school and start the career of your dreams. One New Mexico school offers Jacob’s Scholarship, a scholarship that honors a criminal justice student who passed away too soon. Other scholarships you may be able to apply for include the John A. and Arley M. Reece Scholarship and the Stacie Tanner-Broom Memorial Scholarship.

Working In Criminal Justice in New Mexico

In general, criminal justice job growth rates in New Mexico are fairly positive. By the year 2022, O*Net expects to see an 18% increase in correctional officer jobs. During this same time period, jobs for criminal investigators may increase slightly. Criminal investigators report an average salary of $86,900 per year and correctional officers report a median income of $39,800 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Are you ready to start preparing for your new career? Take the first step by contacting criminal justice programs in New Mexico.