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Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs in Oklahoma

Society as a whole has many responsibilities to its citizens. Perhaps one of the most important responsibilities of society is to keep citizens safe and give them the freedom to live life to the fullest. A shortage of criminal justice professionals can leave the streets dangerous, full of crime, and unsafe for residents. If you would like to address this growing problem in Oklahoma, request information from the schools below to learn more about bachelor’s in criminal justice programs in Oklahoma.

The work done by criminal justice graduates in the state often leads to improvements in laws and statutes, since justice employees are the ones who deal with crime every day in their work. A new law in Oklahoma has allowed the government to administer competency evaluations to minors who have committed crimes. Working with kids in the criminal justice system requires special expertise, so the state may have a growing need for graduates.

Oklahoma has a strong dedication to its criminal justice system. The OETA Oklahoma Forum regularly meets to discuss issues of law and order in the state, often utilizing input from those who work in the field.

Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in Oklahoma

Though earning a bachelor’s degree can be quite the time commitment, it can pay off in a major way. By the time you graduate, you may understand the basics of working in a great variety of criminal justice careers, which allows you to explore and find the option that works best for you. You should plan on spending about four years on your bachelor’s degree and earning at least 120 credits.

The curriculum for your program should be divided up into two main areas: low-level introductory courses and high-level specialty classes. In the early stages of your education, you may enroll in classes like Criminology, Social Deviance, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Law. As you move into the upper ranks of your program, you may have to take classes like Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice, Principles of Corrections, Criminal Justice Theories, and Courts & Criminal Justice.

Oklahoma is home to a number of associations that funded scholarships and grants for criminal justice students. The Oklahoma Chapter of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice is one local organization that funds scholarships for qualified students. Many schools in this state also have their own dedicated financial aid programs for this field of study.

Working in Criminal Justice in Oklahoma

If you want to work in a courtroom setting after graduation, you may want to look into becoming a bailiff. Job openings in this field are expected to swell by 15% by 2022, a growth rate that is three times higher than the national average (O*Net, 2012). Oklahoma bailiffs claim a median income of $36,700 per year (O*Net, 2014).

The future may also be bright for forensic science technicians. O*Net predicts an 11% increase in jobs and notes that forensic science technicians earn an average of $63,100 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Take the first step in your new career today by contacting criminal justice programs in Oklahoma.

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