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Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs in Missouri

Are you interested in a career that can improve society, keep your community safe, and prepare you for a variety of exciting career paths? If this sounds intriguing to you, it is time to consider earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in Missouri. Criminal justice graduates can fill a number of important public safety and correctional positions.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can earn a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, contact the Missouri programs listed below for more information.

Criminal justice graduates are responsible for some of the most exciting advances in law and order in Missouri. A bill that was just passed in Missouri increases the compensation that victims of violent or traumatizing crime can receive in the state.

The face of crime is changing in Missouri, as it is in many other parts of the country. A recent hate crime sentencing highlighted Missouri’s ongoing struggle with hate crimes. Whether you go into corrections, law enforcement, or another part of criminal justice, you can help improve life for Missouri citizens.

Earning your Criminal Justice Bachelor’s in Missouri

As you work towards a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you may take dozens of courses that explore different areas of this fascinating field. Some of the courses you may take as a new student include Criminology Theory, Research Methodology, Cultural Anthropology, Criminal Justice Systems in Modern America, and Criminology. High-level courses that you may take include Police in Modern Society, Juvenile Delinquency, Community Supervision, Criminal Justice Administration and Management, and Victimology.

Though practical experience is not required at all schools, you should work hard to make it part of your education. Completing an internship or practicum at a local criminal justice agency can put you in touch with potential employers, help you find the right career path for you, and give you the chance to put your new knowledge to work.

As the state’s need for criminal justice graduates increases, so too may the number of financial aid opportunities for students. Some grants are school-specific, like the Frank P. Briggs Law Enforcement Career Development Scholarship and the Don Ivie Scholarship. You may also apply for scholarships through the Missouri Conservation Agents Association.

Working With Your Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in Missouri

One of the many benefits of working in this field is the variety of jobs you can consider once you graduate. For example, if you like solving puzzles and figuring out crimes, you may wish to become a criminal investigator. Job openings in this field are expected to increase by 5% through 2022, according to O*Net.

The average salary for a Missouri criminal investigator is $63,100 per year (O*Net, 2014).
Missouri’s demand for correctional officers is also growing; a 3% increase in job openings is expected by 2022 (O*Net, 2012). The average salary in this career field is $29,000 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Criminal justice is a large and diverse field with plenty of opportunities for the right graduates. If you are ready to make Missouri a safer place to live, contact bachelor’s in criminal justice programs in Missouri today.