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Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs in Mississippi

If you’ve always been interested in keeping the streets safe, making sure that justice is enforced, and catching those who do wrong, you may be a perfect fit for a criminal justice degree. A bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice can be extremely versatile, since it can give you the skills needed for several exciting and challenging career paths.

Contact the schools offering criminal justice programs in Mississippi that are compiled below to learn more about your options.

As a criminal justice professional, you may be able to change systematic issues in the criminal justice system. For example, Mississippi has a high rate of juvenile incarceration, which leads to lower graduation rates and often leads to high adult incarceration rates. This requires thoughtful change from skilled criminal justice experts.

In addition, you may work to combat injustice in the criminal justice field. In Mississippi, clergymen recently started working together to fight against abuse in the private prison system. Your expertise may allow you to work with professionals and activists in other industries.

With a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you may contribute to legislative issues that affect criminals or those who work with them. For example, a movement to change voters’ rights may permit ex-felons to vote in local elections.

Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs in Mississippi

As you work toward a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you may gain skills and knowledge in many different subject areas. Learning outcomes in criminal justice programs include understanding the significance of historical and current criminal justice systems, developing strong communication skills, using critical thinking skills in the understanding and solving of crime, and thinking long-term about legal and criminal justice concepts.

The courses you take while earning your bachelor’s in criminal justice in Mississippi should help you meet and exceed these goals. Some of the classes you may take as a criminal justice major include Criminal Justice Theory, Criminal Law, Introduction to Modern Corrections, Management of Criminal Justice, Evidence, Search, & Seizure, and Criminal Justice Ethics.

Scholarship offerings vary from school to school. Get familiar with each school’s financial aid system before choosing a program. Some scholarships are specific to a school, like the Congressman Larkin I. Smith Scholarship, the Larry Mitchell Wilson Memorial Scholarship, and the John Payne Endowment. The Garry M. Welford Memorial Scholarship is worth $1,000 per student.

Working With Your Criminal Justice Degree in Mississippi

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can give you the chance to try out many different careers. O*Net anticipates a 10% increase in Mississippi policing jobs through 2022. Their estimates reflect an average salary of $31,400 per year (O*Net, 2013).

The demand for correctional officers is high. Through 2022, job openings may increase by 21% (O*Net, 2012). This growth rate is over four times higher than the national average (O*Net, 2012). Correctional officers earn a median salary of $26,400 per year (O*Net, 2013).

In the same time period, criminal investigators may experience a 6% increase in jobs (O*Net, 2012). They have an average salary of $42,800 per year (O*Net, 2013).

A career in criminal justice can be rewarding and exciting. Contact the schools you are interested in that offer criminal justice programs in Mississippi for more information!

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