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Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs in Tennessee

Each region and state of the United States faces its own unique criminal justice problems. As a result, it is important for every state to have skilled, trained graduates where are fully educated on local laws, problems, and procedures. If you want to dedicate your career to making Tennessee safer, request information from the schools below to explore bachelor’s in criminal justice programs in Tennessee.

In Tennessee, the need for criminal justice professionals in various specialties is growing rapidly. This is clear when you look at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, which recently started graduating students from its academy. Completing a bachelor’s degree may put you in the right position to enroll in a program like this one and improve Tennessee.

A significant goal in Tennessee involves improving the criminal justice system and empowering professionals to make ethical and appropriate decisions when dealing with criminal issues. Professionals in this field now have the chance to attend continuing training events that are designed to teach people to handle evidence safely, establish best practice in different criminal situations, and protect victims of violent or traumatizing crime.

Earning Your Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree in Tennessee

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice has the advantage of being one of the most diverse and widely usable degrees in this field. Once you reach the end of your degree program, you should be ready to tackle jobs in a courtroom, the community, police departments, and other criminal justice settings. You should anticipate dedicating about four years of full-time study to this degree, resulting in the completion of 120 credits.

While completing your degree, you may take courses in many specialized areas of study. It’s common to start with courses like Criminal Justice Statistics, Criminal Justice Research, and Introduction to Criminal Justice. These courses may then branch out to classes like Policing Procedures, Correctional Procedures, Courtroom Procedures, Juvenile Justice, and Cybercrime. At many schools, these classes prepare you for an internship or externship at a local criminal justice agency.

If you are creative and willing to work hard, you may find several scholarship and grant opportunities in Tennessee. The Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners awards scholarships that are worth $1500 to students each year.

Working With Your Criminal Justice Degree in Tennessee

In this state, there are a number of career opportunities that are growing quickly. O*Net reports an expected 10% increase in bailiff job openings by 2022. Forensic science technician jobs may swell by 6% in this time period (O*Net, 2012).

Across the board, salaries in Tennessee are in line with national averages. Bailiffs earn an average of $30,200 per year and forensic science technicians earn a median income of $49,700 per year (O*Net, 2014).

If you are ready to find out what a career in criminal justice may have for you, get started right now by contacting criminal justice schools in Tennessee.