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Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs in New York

There are many benefits of completing your education and starting an exciting new career. There are even more when you decide to study criminal justice. As a criminal justice graduate, you can explore a wide variety of career paths and use your education to help the residents and visitors of New York feel safer. Now is a time of great reform within the criminal justice system in NY, so there may be plenty of room for knowledgeable professionals in this field.

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When you start a career in criminal justice, your job is to protect the victims and would-be victims of New York. This may involve policing, working in corrections, or changing laws that failed victims. For example, a statement given by a young woman predicting that her husband would kill her and her daughters was not translated until after her death, leading New York to pass a statement translation law.

It is important to be flexible and ready to use new evidence when you work in this field. In 2015, crime statistics in New York were skewed heavily as violent crimes like murder increased and property crimes decreased. No matter which branch of the criminal justice field you wind up working in, keeping statistics and evidence in mind is a crucial part of your job.

Earning Your Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree in NY

While evaluating different criminal justice schools in New York, you may want to look at the courses that are required of undergraduate students in this field. To get your start in the field of criminal justice, you may take courses like Social Deviance, Social Psychology, Law Enforcement, and Elementary Statistics for Social Research. These courses lay the groundwork for advanced classes like Courts in Criminal Justice, Race and Ethnic Relations, Criminology, and Modern Issues in Criminal Justice.

For many schools, you may see that an internship or practicum is required. Though these types of practical experience are slightly different, both serve the same goal: they find out whether you can really apply your knowledge to a work setting. You may want to start preparing for your internship ahead of time by thinking about which field of criminal justice you want to work in.

The scholarships available at each school may affect your educational decisions as well. The financial aid department at one local school has awarded more than $2.5 million to criminal justice students in the last five years. The Sheriff’s Institute of New York funds scholarships for criminal justice students every year.

Working In Criminal Justice in New York

Across the state of New York, job growth rates are promising for criminal justice careers. O*Net expects to see almost 300 new criminal investigation jobs each year through 2022. Throughout this time frame, there may be over 1000 new correctional officer jobs per year (O*Net, 2012).

In New York, the average salary for a criminal investigator is $91,400 per year, and the average salary for a corrections officer is $63,600 per year (O*Net, 2014).

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