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Benefits of Earning Your Criminal Justice Degree Online

To work in law enforcement, you'll want to consider criminal justice focused degree programs. If you already work in the field, maybe you're thinking about pursuing a graduate level education? Whether you fall into the first or second camp, you should know about your options when it comes to online criminal justice degree programs. There are many benefits of online learning for students across the nation, from all ages and walks of life. Before you make your final decision, or choose a campus-based program, consider these benefits of earning your criminal justice degree online. 

  • Why would we put the most obvious benefits of online degrees at number one? Because it's a primary reason why everyone chooses online vs. campus degree programs. This is especially true for students who would otherwise have to commute long distances to complete a campus program. Online learning allows students to get the degree they want from where they want.
  • Technology makes online learning efficient – and effective. The tools for interactive, online learning available to professors and students today makes online learning as effective as classroom learning, according to many studies.
  • This is easily one of the top benefits of online education, since cost is a factor for every student. Even with grants, Federal and private loan options, paying for school can be challenging for most students. That's why you have to look at cost when choosing a program. On average, the cost of a campus vs. online program is $85K vs. $30K, with online being the cheaper number there.
  • Job opportunities. With more and more employers considering the quality of online programs, we are seeing the same kinds of opportunities for online graduates that campus learners work towards. With your bachelors or graduate level degree, you can pursue such career choices as: probation officer, forensic science technician, police officer, security guard, detective, and other types of law enforcement jobs.
  • Availability of 100% online programs. While some programs may require you to drive to a campus to take certain tests, there are 100% online options for learners that do not have any campus requirements. What's more, many online programs are structured in shorter semesters. For instance, you may work in 5-week blocks when completing your studies. This can be more efficient and preferred for busy professionals who want to complete their degree as quickly as possible.
  • Curriculum usually matches the campus programs. With online lectures, interactive tutorials, and discussion boards for "classroom" interaction, you can follow the same curriculum as campus programs. In fact, many campus programs offer some form of online experience. 

What we like about online programs is the communication that can happen between students and their professors and peers with online tools. Most virtual classrooms have check-in times, or require students interact by commenting on topics on discussion boards.

 The field of criminal justice is a wide-open area of opportunity for criminal justice majors. If you want to compare the advantage of online education with campus opportunities in your area, simply use our directory of schools that offer online options.

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