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Online Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Programs
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Below is a list of all of the Online Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Programs we could find, from over 1,800 schools across the US.

Criminal justice careers can span from law enforcement to corrections, law offices and even psychology practices. A master's degree in criminal justice will help you focus on a specific subsection of criminal justice, advancing your career prospects and earning potential.

How can you get to the next level in your career?

There are many practical reasons to pursue a master's degree in criminal justice. It is possible to pursue employment opportunities at local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies with just a bachelor's degree; however, come promotion time, a master's degree can provide a much needed edge in advancing within the field. The master's degree in criminal justice offers an interdisciplinary combination of liberal arts, ethics, social science research, and science in criminal justice, deepening your understanding of the field and potentially opening up new career opportunities.

Why go online for your master's degree in criminal justice? Most master's degree programs in criminal justice are designed for working criminal justice practitioners who already possess a bachelor's degree in the field. An online master's degree is uniquely suited to this type of student because it offers the flexibility to pursue education at your own pace, while working. This is not only financially beneficial, but it also has an educational benefit. Students can apply what they learn in class directly to the field.

Can you get hired with an online master's degree?

A question that often emerges when people consider getting an online master's degree in criminal justice is "how will employers perceive my online degree?" According to a 2017 U.S. News article, experts agree many employers accept online degrees, although some still favor the traditional graduate. With that in mind, you may benefit from attending an online program at a school that also has well-known on-campus programs. Many of these schools confer the exact same degree whether you pursue your master's on campus or online.

How will you know which program to pursue?

The three different types of master's degree programs in criminal justice - Master of Arts (MA) degree in criminal justice, Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) degree, Master of Science (MS) degree in criminal justice - each provide a more expansive understanding of criminal justice theories. The programs offer students the chance to expand into topics such as victimology and the investigative use of forensic science, among others. In the process, the degree opens up a variety of career opportunities.

The degree allows students to advance to leadership positions within law enforcement agencies, move into career opportunities like managing a private security consulting firm, pursue opportunities within criminal justice research, or, in the case of the Master of Science degree, continue on to study in a doctoral degree program. According to O*Net, salaries range depending on your position. For example, if you become a Corrections Supervisor, you would be making an average of $62,500 per year or you could be making $79,970 for a position as an agent with the FBI.

Getting into an online criminal justice master's program is just as tough as getting into a traditional criminal justice master's program. Generally, a bachelor's degree and GRE test scores are required. Online criminal justice programs vary between those that are exclusively online and those that have brief on-campus components. Verify the program's structure early.

School Profile

Below, CriminalJusticePrograms.com speaks with Brendan Hardy, Director of Student Recruitment and Career Services from University of Colorado, Denver, about the school's masters degree options in criminal justice.

Where can you find more information?

Resources for students contemplating a master's degree in criminal justice include The Crime Report, a comprehensive news service covering the diverse challenges and issues affecting criminal justice. Criminal Justice Ethics is a semi-annual journal housed at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. It focuses on the ethics of the field. The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences fosters professional activities along with criminal justice education, research and policy analysis within the criminal justice field.

Please feel free to contact the schools using the links below. You should try to contact multiple schools to get a good range of programs to compare, since they often differ widely in terms of tuition, admissions requirements, and even how truly "online" they are. We tried to restrict this list to the programs that appeared to be all, or nearly all, online, but it’s still best to confirm the details directly with the schools.

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