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Criminal Justice Certification in Wisconsin

Why Should I Get a Criminal Justice Certificate in Wisconsin?

Although the state of Wisconsin is largely rural, it is still home to many large cities that face the criminal justice issues of more heavily populated states. This industry is in a state of reform in Wisconsin, with state legislators developing a forum to analyze the Wisconsin criminal justice process (Badger Herald, 2016). They hope to improve fair treatment of prisoners and streamline various time-consuming processes in this industry.

As this field develops, you could benefit from earning a criminal justice certificate and exploring careers in corrections, law enforcement, and more.

To get started, reach out to criminal justice certificate programs today.

What Kind of Criminal Justice Certificates are Available in Wisconsin?

Certificate programs are designed for students who want to start working as quickly as possible, rather than spending years in school before applying for jobs. Many certificate programs require practical experience, particularly those in fields like corrections and law enforcement.

Some administrative programs give you the option to earn your criminal justice certificate online.

Private Security Technical Certificate Requirements (18 credits)

  • Asset Protection
    • Learn basic techniques for protecting valuable assets, including items, property, and data.
  • Private Investigations
    • In this course, students look into the field of private investigation and learn about the law and standards that dictate this career path.
  • Criminal Procedures
    • Build a thorough understanding of criminal procedures in Wisconsin, including your role in the process as a security guard.
  • Forensic Science
    • This class provides security students with a basic knowledge of forensic science and the preservation of evidence after crime.

Corrections Officer Technical Certificate Requirements (24 credits)

  • Corrections Procedures
    • Learn about the most common corrections procedures and get hands-on practice in simulations and drills.
  • Correctional Policies and Protocols
    • Instructors teach students the policies and protocols of correctional facilities, helping them follow the expectations of local employers.
  • Ethics in Criminal Justice
    • This course takes a look at criminal justice ethics, the fair treatment of prisoners, and the rights of suspects.
  • Defensive Tactics
    • Practice key defense moves that can help you stay safe in unexpected correctional situations.

Law Enforcement Technical Certificate Requirements (24 credits)

  • Field Sobriety Tests
    • Aspiring law enforcement officers learn how to conduct field sobriety tests and learn about the limitations of these tests.
  • Care and Use of Firearms
    • Through theory and hands-on practice, learn how to use, handle, and store firearms in the safest manner possible.
  • Defense and Arrest Tactics
    • This class looks at arrests, a common and frequent duty for police officers. Learn how to defend yourself when attacked and how to minimize the risk of confrontation during an arrest.
  • Vehicle Contacts
    • Learn about traffic stops and violations in this class.

What Can I Do With a Criminal Justice Certificate in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, average salaries for many criminal justice professions are very similar to Midwestern averages. Currently, security guards in Wisconsin earn an average of $26,370 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). Corrections officers bring in a mean income of $42,920 per year, while police officers report an average salary of $54,220 annually (BLS, 2016).

The field of criminal justice is quite stable in Wisconsin, a trend that experts expect to continue for several years. By 2024, job openings for security guards may increase 5% and job openings for corrections officers may jump 3% (O*Net, 2016). At the same time, job openings for Wisconsin police officers may swell 1% (O*Net, 2016).

Criminal justice is a field that may offer you meaningful, fulfilling career opportunities that strengthen the state of Wisconsin.

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