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Criminal Justice Certification in Pennsylvania

The complex field of criminal justice is extremely diverse, splitting off into dozens of career paths that take you into police departments, the community, the courtroom, correctional facilities, and more.

If you’re interested in earning a criminal justice certificate, this is a great time to check out your options.

This industry is continuously improving. One current priority in Pennsylvania is the treatment of the mentally ill in correctional settings, which some industry leaders believe is a weakness in this state (We Are Central PA, 2016).

Curious and ready to learn more?

Explore the list of colleges in PA for criminal justice below and contact schools that interest you.

What Kind of Criminal Justice Certificates are Available in Pennsylvania?

Certificates differ quite a bit between specialties and schools. The amount of training and hands-on practice you need depends on which area of study you choose. In many cases, students can complete a certificate in one or two semesters.

If you’re interested in earning a criminal justice certificate online, you may be able to complete your theory coursework on your own schedule and get practical experience at a local criminal justice agency.

Court Reporting Technical Certificate Requirements (60 credits)

  • Machine Shorthand Theory
    • In this class, learn how to use shorthand to increase your typing speed and minimize the strain on your wrists.
  • Court Reporting Orientation
    • Students get a broad introduction to the field of court reporting, its goals, and how the field may grow in the future.
  • Speedbuilding
    • Instructors help students increase their typing speed through targeted exercises and drills.
  • Court Transcription
    • Learn how to transcribe court recordings, conversations, and interviews.

Emergency Management Technical Certificate Requirements (30 credits)

  • Principles of Disaster and Emergency Management
    • Discover the foundations of emergency management that guide everything else you may learn in this field.
  • Disaster and Public Health
    • This course looks at how different disasters may affect public health and require intervention from medical professionals.
  • Hazard Reduction
    • Build techniques for reducing hazards before, during, and after a disaster takes place.
  • Planning for Emergencies and Disasters
    • By the time you finish this class, you should know how to create practical, easy-to-read emergency and disaster plans.

Police Technology Technical Certificate Requirements (35 credits)

  • Defense Tactics and Procedures
    • Practice hands-on skills that can help you defend yourself, de-escalate conflict, and avoid the use of deadly force.
  • Motor Vehicle Law
    • Develop your understanding of driving and motor vehicle laws in Pennsylvania.
  • Crisis Management
    • Find out how you, as a police officer, can manage crisis situations to minimize fallout and avoid escalation.
  • Basic Firearms Operation
    • Learn how to use firearms safely and within appropriate boundaries for each situation.

What Can I Do With a Criminal Justice Certificate in Pennsylvania?

Since you may choose your criminal justice certificate based on which career paths interest you, you should have a solid career plan by the time you graduate.

In Pennsylvania, job growth rates may remain stable for several years. Statewide demand for court reporters is not expected to change significantly through 2024, while job openings for emergency management directors may increase 4% during this time (O*Net, 2016). Job openings for police officers may increase at an average rate of 930 jobs per year between 2014 and 2024 (O*Net, 2016).

Your salary depends on which agency you work for and how much practical experience you get as a student. Court reporters claim an average income of $47,900 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). The average annual salary for an emergency management director is $65,320 (BLS, 2016). Police officers in Pennsylvania earn an average of $63,480 per year (BLS, 2016).

You can build a fulfilling career while keeping the people of Pennsylvania safe.

Check out your options by contacting criminal justice certificate programs today.

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