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Criminal Justice Certification in Arizona

Why Should I Get a Criminal Justice Certificate in Arizona?

Across the United States, one of the main priorities in different states is the improvement of crime rates. By earning a criminal justice certificate, you may do your part to improve safety in Arizona and ensure that your local criminal justice system can function smoothly.

This is a particularly good time to get involved in this industry, since Arizona is in the midst of changing standards and program requirements. Many experts are recommending the creation of a joint-crime tracking program that would make it easier for state officials to track crimes across counties (Tri Valley Central, 2016).

The Arizona Office of Employment and Population Statistics reports that Arizona gained over 31,000 jobs in the government sector in August 2016. Since many criminal justice careers involve working for the government, this may help you in your job search.

If you think criminal justice certificate programs may be a good fit for you and your career goals, take a look at the list of Arizona programs below and contact programs that interest you!



What Kind of Criminal Justice Certificates are Available in Arizona?

The certificates listed below are technical certificates, which means that they do not require a Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, or Associate’s degree. You may be able to pursue a technical certificate with no more than a high school education.

Program lengths vary quite a bit, from one semester to two full years.

Paralegal Studies Certificate Requirements

  • 35 credits
  • Civil Procedures
    • Understand legal procedures in civil suits by taking this course.
  • Legal Writing
    • This course teaches you how to produce legal documents that meet the standards of the legal community and use appropriate legal language.
  • Ethics and Professional Practice
    • Understand the role of the paralegal and legal assistant by learning about ethical standards and expectations of professional practice.
  • Civil Interviewing and Investigation
    • Learn how you can assist during civil interviewing and investigation for civil suits. This course can also show you how civil suits differ from criminal suits.

Crime Intelligence Analysis Certificate Requirements

  • 60 credits
  • Criminal Justice Statistics
    • In a broad overview of statistics in criminal justice and learn how criminal intelligence professionals use them in their daily work.
  • Problem Solving in Policing
    • Improvement of the police force can lead to improvements across a community’s criminal justice system. Learn how to effectively handle problems within police departments by taking this class.
  • Crime Mapping
    • Crime mapping is used to track crimes and predict the locations and types of future crimes.
  • Advanced Crime Analysis
    • This class combines the skills built throughout your certificate and delves into advanced crime analysis techniques and theories.

Forensic Science Certificate Requirements

  • 18 credits
  • Physical Evidence in Criminalistics
    • Learn how to process and interpret physical evidence from crime scenes and victims.
  • Biological Evidence in Criminalistics
    • This class focuses on the use of biological evidence to create a crime timeline and bring perpetrators to justice.
  • Police Photography
    • Photography is a valuable tool in forensic analysis. This class looks at photography techniques and standards.
  • Criminal Investigation
    • Learn about appropriate criminal investigation techniques in Arizona and what role you may play in this process.
  • Theories of Criminal Behavior
    • This course builds on your knowledge of forensic science and helps you understand why criminals choose to commit crime. This understanding may give you better insight into the cases you analyze.

Court Reporting Certificate Requirements

  • 40 credits
  • Court Reporting Transcript Production
    • Learn techniques for proofing and preparing court transcripts.
  • Medical Terminology and Related Anatomy
  • Medical terms are used frequently in courtrooms. Use this class to master medical terminology.
  • Introduction to Realtime Technology
  • Realtime court reporting technology is the focus of this course, showing students how to use technology to be more effective in their reporting.
  • Speedbuilding
  • Boost your typing speed and learn how to work in heated or tense courtroom situations.
  • Court Reporting Procedures
  • This class covers a broad range of techniques and procedures used in Arizona classrooms.

What Can I Do With a Criminal Justice Certificate in Arizona?

Your career path depends on which certificate you earn and how much practical experience you get while training.

If you complete a paralegal program, you may find work as a paralegal or legal assistant. Employment options include private law firms, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. By 2024, Arizona’s demand for paralegals may increase 24% (O*Net, 2016). Arizona paralegals claim an average income of $52,880 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

With a background in crime analysis or forensic science, you may qualify for forensic lab technician positions. The average annual salary in this field is $55,960 per year (BLS, 2016). Job openings may swell 21% by the year 2024 (O*Net, 2016). This career is more lab-focused than people-focused, so you should be able to work independently.

Reporters take on the task of keeping up with busy courtroom proceedings and accurately relating information to news outlets, print media, and other settings. A 14% increase in job openings is expected by the year 2024 (O*Net, 2016). The average salary reported for an Arizona court reporter is $59,580 per year (BLS, 2016).

With a certificate in criminal justice, you may get the chance to pursue the criminal justice career you have always wanted. Check out local training options below and contact criminal justice programs in Arizona to get started.

Online programs may not be available in all areas