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Master’s in Criminal Justice Programs in Alaska

Criminal justice professionals play an invaluable role in society at every level of education and training. Once you reach the level of a master’s degree, you begin to harness an extensive understanding of issues in this field that require high-level research, discussion, and planning.

What Can I Do With My Master’s in Criminal Justice in Alaska?

Higher education is one of the best ways to serve the community you live in. Contact criminal justice schools near you to learn more about earning a master’s degree in criminal justice in AK.

Criminal justice discourse involves looking at the issues of each state, rather than trying to apply the exact same standards and protocols on a national basis. In Alaska, this includes looking at the growing link between mental health and criminal justice. There is a focus on the partnership between the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority and the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission.

Another goal of the justice system in Alaska is curbing the alarming growth rate in prisons (News Miner, 2015). Experts in this field utilize data, critical thinking, case studies, and other information sources to work toward the creation of a safer community.

Advancing your education to the graduate degree level may give you the chance to explore many different career paths. If you have experience in corrections, you may want to look into becoming a correctional officer supervisor. The average salary for an Alaska correctional officer supervisor is $83,300 per year (O*Net, 2015). By the year 2022, job openings may experience a 2% surge throughout the state (O*Net, 2015).

Becoming a probation officer gives you the chance to work with those who are working hard to improve their lives. Job openings for probation officers may increase 6% by 2022, and Alaska probation officers report an average salary of $49,100 per year (O*Net, 2015).

What Will It Take to Earn My Criminal Justice Graduate Degree in Alaska?

When you decide to earn a master’s of science in criminal justice, Alaska schools require you to meet specific standards. Criminal justice is considered a multidisciplinary field at most Alaska schools, so you do not have to have a Bachelor’s degree that specifically relates to criminal justice. However, you do need to have a Bachelor’s degree and a history of solid academic performance.

Once you get accepted to your program of choice, you should plan on spending between 18 and 24 months in school. On average, schools in Alaska require the completion of 30 credits for a master’s degree in criminal justice.

While working through your curriculum, you should take a variety of core courses and courses that delve into specific areas of criminal justice. Alaska schools may offer courses like:

  • Administration and Management of Criminal Justice Organizations: Techniques used to efficiently manage criminal justice agencies and organizations, keeping in mind the high levels of stress found in these occupations and the importance of time management
  • Justice Program Planning: Fundamentals of building new programs, implementing change in existing programs, and effectively planning for future changes and legislation
  • Ethics in Criminal Justice Management: How to act ethically and within your scope of responsibility while in a criminal justice management position
  • Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice Management: The importance of acting within legal limits at all times in this industry, consequences of intentionally or unintentionally venturing outside the law, and sections of the legal code that apply to this industry
  • Media Relations: Standards for communicating appropriately with media in order to foster a solid working relationship and maintain the public’s trust in law enforcement
  • Public Relations: Methods used to maintain a strong relationship with the public and build their trust in the criminal justice system

As a graduate student, you may enjoy several financial aid opportunities. The Doyon Foundation Scholarship is awarded to law enforcement professionals who want to return to school to earn a master’s degree.

Earning a master’s degree in criminal justice in Alaska puts you in a position to change society for the better. Contact criminal justice programs in Alaska now to learn more.

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