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Master’s in Criminal Justice Programs in Arizona

The advent of social media has inevitably changed the field of criminal justice forever. In some ways, it has led to positive changes. In others, it has introduced new challenges to a field that is already known for stressful situations.

What Can I Do With My Master’s in Criminal Justice in Arizona?

Earning a master’s degree of science in criminal justice in Arizona is an important part of understanding this field as a whole, affecting positive change from within, and ensuring that professionals within this industry are held to high standards.

The complexity of this field is only expected to increase in coming years. Become part of strengthening this industry by earning a master’s degree in criminal justice in AZ.
In a leadership role, you may address institutional problems in criminal justice and help individual professionals learn how to act more ethically when attempting to solve these problems.

Arizona was recently sued by Prison Legal News over claims of censorship of reading materials for prisoners (LA Times, 2015). This is clearly an issue that has many facets, which is why it requires the input and experience of those with advanced degrees.

Security will likely always be one of the biggest parts of criminal justice. Since Arizona borders Mexico, a significant area of focus throughout this region is improving security at the border (Trivalley Central, 2015).

Depending on how much experience you have and what your long-term career goals are, you may use a master’s degree to explore different career opportunities in Arizona. Police supervisors are typically expected to have several years of experience working as a police officer and an advanced degree. The average salary for this career is $85,400 per year, and growth is expected to hit 7% by 2022 (O*Net, 2015). The demand for probation officers is also growing, as job openings are expected to increase 2% by 2022 (O*Net, 2015). The average salary in this position is $49,800 per year (O*Net, 2015).

What Will It Take to Earn My Criminal Justice Graduate Degree in Arizona?

As an aspiring graduate student, you have many academic options to consider within the state of Arizona. Keep reading to get a brief overview of what it takes to earn a master’s degree in criminal justice in Arizona:

  • Average Tuition: $500 per credit to $830 per credit
  • Credits Required: 30 to 39 credits
  • Time to Complete Degree: 18 to 24 months
  • Degree Needed: Bachelor’s degree; in some cases, Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice
  • Internship Requirements: Many schools allow you to choose between an internship, a capstone project, a thesis, or another type of practical work experience

While earning 30 or more credits at this level, you may explore the complex issues and dilemmas that impact the field of criminal justice. The courses you take depend on whether you plan on earning a degree that looks at the entire field of criminal justice or a degree that specializes in one aspect of this field. If you plan on focusing on legal studies, you may take courses like:

  • Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice: Tackles the historical and contemporary questions regarding constitutional rights, while looking at the three branches of the justice system in the United States
  • Forensic Psychology: The importance of psychology in the legal system, different career paths that utilize this course of study, and legal limits of psychology in criminal justice
  • Restorative Justice: Compares punishment, which focuses on prisoners, to restorative justice, which focuses on restoring what was lost in the course of a crime

You may start applying for financial aid once you have been accepted to any of the best criminal justice master’s degree programs AZ has to offer. The Susan M. Hunter Corrections Scholarship specifically supports those who work within the prison or jail system.

Taking your education to the next level may also allow you to take the next step in your career. Discover your options by contacting some of the best criminal justice master’s degree programs Arizona.