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PhD in Criminal Justice Programs in Alaska

It’s no secret that criminal justice is a major part of society; without consequences and expectations, society would certainly dissolve. Alaska has a diverse, remote layout that presents different crime risks to different communities. Earning a doctoral degree is the first step to analyzing crime rates and trends in Alaska to find effective solutions.

What Can I Do With My PhD in Criminal Justice in Alaska?

Currently, the state of Alaska funds the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission (News Miner, 2016). The goal of this agency is to uncover ways to spend tax dollars as efficiently as possible while improving community safety. One of the biggest challenges in Alaska, according to this group, is the high recidivism rate. Of all released inmates, two-thirds will end up back in jail after their first conviction (News Miner, 2016).

Violent crime is an ongoing issue in Alaska. While crime dropped 3.5% between 2013 and 2014, the rate of violent crime only decreased 0.3% (Alaska Department of Public Safety, 2016).

Administrative judges rule on government related issues. This is one possible career path for PhD graduates. Job openings may swell 4% by 2022, and Alaska administrative judges bring in an income of $88,000 per year (O*Net, 2016).

A PhD in criminal justice can also pave the way to an academic career. Demand for criminal justice professors is expected to increase 13% by 2022, and the average salary in this field is $61,900 per year (O*Net, 2016).

Your doctoral degree gives you the power to help Alaska reach its full potential. Take the first step now and contact PhD criminal justice AK programs for more information.

What Will It Take to Earn My Criminal Justice Graduate Degree in Alaska?

The field of criminal justice covers many complex areas of study, including criminology, corrections, policing, and victimology. To earn a PhD, you’ll need an advanced understanding of all of these fields. In addition, you may be expected to choose one specialized area of study in which to focus your elective coursework.

Programs generally require approximately 50 credits. This includes 30 credits of coursework and approximately two years of thesis research, composition, and defense.
The courses you take generally involve a mix of professor instruction, discussion, and research analysis.

Look for courses like these in your Criminal Justice PhD curriculum:

  • Seminar in Criminal Violation: Crime causation and crime violation; applying criminological theories to different categories of criminal activity
  • Policing Theory and Research: Social science views and research as they relate to law enforcement; the development of research ideas
  • Justice Administration: The theory and practice of justice organizations; practices, innovations, and administrative strategies
  • Corrections Theory and Research: Research on rehabilitation, retribution, and incapacitation

An internship may not be a mandatory part of every PhD program, but it is still highly recommended. Completing an internship at a research facility, government agency, or criminal justice organization can put you in contact with important professionals in the industry, which can significantly impact your career.

Since you may spend four or more years earning a criminal justice PhD in Alaska, educational funding may be a big part of your decision. Many universities, particularly those with a research focus, fund accepted PhD students. However, this requires you to work as a graduate assistant or teaching assistant while earning your degree. To keep your funding, you typically have to maintain a certain GPA and complete your degree within an approved time frame. As a general rule, the more competitive your application is, the better chance you have of securing funding from your institution.

Whether you want to work in legislation, higher education, or criminal justice management, a PhD in criminal justice can help you take the next step in your career. Take a look at our list of schools below and contact PhD programs near you for more information.

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