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Criminal Profiler Programs in Illinois

Crime remains relatively low if you consider Illinois’ overall population. Violent crime rates in the state average with the nation’s median of 3.8 per 1,000 residents, whilst property crimes fall are 19.89, below the national average of 26 per 1,000 (Neighborhood Scout, 2017) residents. While impressive, it’s the lower crime rates in the more populated cities that keep the statistics down.
Most small Illinois towns, such as Belleville, Illinois, suffer from the most crime, with property crimes at 40.11 per 1,000 and violent crimes at 5.66 (Neighborhood Scout, 2017).

These small towns need people like yourself who want to pursue criminal profiler programs in Illinois and pursue justice. There are many careers in criminal justice with a Bachelor degree, certifications, Associate’s and even a Master’s degree that are pursuable with the right criminal psychology and profiling courses.

If you’re ready to start an Illinois criminal profile career, check out the schools below offering criminal justice careers.

Illinois Criminal Justice Careers in Criminal Psychology

Illinois Criminal Justice Schools for Criminal Profiling

Illinois criminal justice schools offer a range of degrees for criminal justice majors to help you pursue your dream job. These degrees provide substance to everyone whether you’re looking to get into EMS or the police squad with an Associate’s degree or want to be the most respected psychologist with your masters of forensic psychology.

Beginning your Illinois criminal profiler career with an Associate’s degree, especially if you’re aspiring to join local police or fire departments, can help you with your job search. This choice is also ideal if you’re aspiring to pursue careers in criminal justice with a Bachelor’s degree, but need options to save money on classes. Upon the completion of this criminal profiler degree, you have an option of applying for jobs or continuing your education further at a university.

Criminal Justice Associate’s Degree Programs in Illinois

64 credits, minimum, are required to complete an Associate’s criminal justice degree in Illinois. Beyond an Associate’s degree, you can also pursue a certification with homeland security, which requires a completion of criminal profiling courses. These classes are offered mostly by community colleges, which helps you save money and get the individualized attention needed to help you get a quality criminal profiler education in Illinois.

Common Courses Required for an Associate’s in Criminal Profiling

  • (CJS 127) Juvenile Delinquency: This course will teach you about the criminal psychology behind juveniles and how the justice system has prepared for it throughout history. You will also be taught treatment methodology management for these individuals.

  • (SCI 108) Introduction to Forensic Chemistry: If you’re looking to pursue a Master’s of forensic psychology or want to pursue a position as a crime scene investigator, this class will lay out the fundamentals for you. Using real-life cases, you will be shown how forensic evidence was gathered from the field and processed legally for the courts to allow it into evidence to convict felons.

  • (SOC 202) Sociology of Deviant Behavior: Explore principles of behavior that are outside of the “social norm” of society. You will learn different theories, such as Merton’s Theory of Deviance, and different forms of adaptation that form these behaviors. This course helps further your knowledge when pursuing a degree needed to become a criminal profiler.

Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Programs in Illinois

A minimum of 120 credit courses is required to receive an undergraduate criminal profiler degree in Illinois. You can choose from an array of criminal profiler programs in Illinois for your B.S., including Fire Protection Services, Justice Administration or Law Enforcement. Most universities require you to finish a degree in criminal justice with a minor as well, which can include corrections, fire administration, criminalistics or many other options. Tuition prices can range from $18,000 to $45,616 (College Illinois!, 2017) to complete your Bachelor of Science in criminal justice. For a more flexible schedule, you can also enroll in online criminal justice courses.

Common Courses Required for a Bachelor’s in Criminal Profiling

  • (LEJA 212) Criminal Investigations: Criminal profiling courses like this provide you with a coursework of information revolving around the different criminals encountered throughout history.

  • (FS 481) Fire and Emergency Administration: This course teaches you the different organization and management skills used within fire departments. Additionally, it will teach you about the manpower training, new technologies and fire protection plan within the municipalities court.

  • (LEJA 357) Theories of Crime: This class teaches you about criminology, emphasizing specifically the background of offenses and the offenders committing these crimes. It takes a more advanced approach on the criminal justice program.

Criminal Justice Doctorate and Master Degree Programs in Illinois

Receiving a Masters in Criminology, Justice or Law is possible in Illinois for on-campus studies. Most programs require a 3.0 to 4.0 GPA in your last 60 semester hours of your undergraduate degree.

You will also be required to take a GRE and must pass within the top 50th percentile to consider being accepted to these degree programs. It also requires you to complete and pass either a thesis or comprehensive examination after completing your semester hours.

If you’re interested in how to become a criminal profiler in Illinois, check out the school pages below and contact them for more information today.

Criminal Profiler Jobs in Illinois

Upon completion of your degree to become a criminal profiler, you’ll have an option of applying for multiple job positions within the state of Illinois. These criminal justice careers will vary per your education level and experience in the field. Many of the Illinois criminal justice schools work with you to help direct your education toward your final career goal.

If you’ve recently completed an Associate’s degree, you may find a job as a paramedic making around 20.89 per hour (BLS, 2017). If you have one to two years of work experience within the criminal justice profession, many companies may accept this, along with your degree, to be equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree. If you have graduated with a B.S. or combined experience with an Associates, you may find interest as a court advocate doing social work, averaging a salary of $57,600 (BLS, 2017).

For those pursuing a graduate criminal profiler education in Illinois, you’ll find even more lucrative positions, many of which involve work within the federal government. Border patrol agents start with a Grade level 5 pay, which is $44,663 in Illinois (OPM, 2017), with most officials receiving over an additional $12,000 in locality, overtime and premium pay (CPB, 2017). You can work your way to GL-7, GL-9, GL-11 and GL-12, exceeding a possible $103,000 (OPM, 2017) in annual salary. Check out how these pay grades are established based on education and experience.

Take the plunge by pursuing your criminal justice degree in Illinois.

Visit the links of the schools below to request additional information on their offered on-campus and online criminal courses to learn how to become a criminal profiler.