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When it comes to multitasking, law office managers have one of the most demanding jobs out there. They oversee the work of an entire office full of lawyers, paralegals and legal secretaries. Law office managers can be seen as the organizing force of the office supervising the administrative, technical and legal support teams.

Law Office Manager Job Description

Law office managers may work for a variety of employers, including law firms, non-profit companies and government organizations. They are expected to “wear many different hats”: scheduler, task-assigner, case load organizer, office policy enforcer and more. The primary duties of a law office manager are focused on two main areas: hiring and payroll.

An average day on the job may include distributing workload among team members, managing client relations and overseeing budget issues. In addition to all these duties, a law office manager is also responsible for ensuring that general office facilities are maintained and for keeping employees driven. All of these tasks require a positive attitude and some serious motivation.

Requirements for Legal Management

Law office managers deal with a diverse array of people, from computer technicians to law firm bigwigs, and they have to put their best face forward 100 percent of the time. A law office manager should have a broad base of knowledge in everything from finance to human resources and administration. Communication skills are also a must.

Specialized formal educational requirements for law office managers aren’t mandatory – but due to stiff job competition, you’re better off getting a college degree. Applicable degrees can range from associate and bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice to degrees and certifications in office management.

Law Office Manager Salary and Career Outlook

Law office manager salaries vary significantly depending on the place of employment. According to O*Net, first line supervisors of office and administrative support workers earn an average of $55,060 per year as of 2017.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that administrative legal secretaries earn a median salary of $44,470, as of 2017. Although the job field for administrative services managers is expected to grow in the coming decade, competition for jobs will remain high.

Law Office Manager Resources

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