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Q&A with Keith J. Jones, Digital Forensics, e-Discovery and Computer Security

CriminalJusticePrograms.com spoke with Keith J. Jones, owner and senior partner with Jones Dykstra and Associates (JD&A), a firm specializing in digital forensics, electronic discover and computer security. JD&A covers legal, corporate and government projects. In addition to his work at the firm, Jones is also the author of Real Digital Forensics: Computer Security and Incident Response and The Anti-Hacker Toolkit.

Below he shares his experiences in the field and what students should keep in mind if they're interested in pursuing digital forensics.

Q: What is your current position?

I co-own a company named Jones Dykstra and Associates, and I have a business partner whose name is Brian Dykstra. I have the title of Senior Partner here.

Q: What exactly are digital forensics, e-discovery and computer security?

Let me start with the broad subject first; that's going to be e-discovery. In 2006, there were some federal rules that changed and basically made electronic data a part of civil trials. If you have two parties suing each other, both parties have a right to discovery. One party may say, "I want all the emails that have to do with a certain subject," [Short Code Error: type value must be either online or ground].

Q: Any other recommendations for aspiring digital forensics professionals?

Volunteer for the project nobody wants if you're new. You'll learn a lot. Getting exposure to actually doing the work will usually help you. Shadow somebody if you can - that's usually the best way to get your foot in the door.