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Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs in Washington
(found programs from 13 schools)

With the wide variety of communities and populations in Washington, maintaining order and keeping the public safe can be a tall order. However, the criminal justice professionals of Washington are up for the job. From minor incidences and misunderstandings to major crimes and public safety issues, criminal justice graduates are responsible for it all. Find out how you can get started in this career by contacting the schools below with Bachelor's in criminal justice programs in Washington.

In the state of Washington, lawmakers and justice professionals are always trying to act more ethically and more fairly in the interests of the people. In one landmark Washington Supreme Court case, it was determined that one cannot be arrested for swearing at the police, as free speech is a protected right.

Working in criminal justice may also require you to handle issues of environmental safety. In the eastern part of Washington, for example, it was up to criminal justice professionals to uphold a burn ban. This may involve an understanding of laws and environmental safety.

Getting Your Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice in Washington

Education is of the utmost importance in the field of criminal justice, as the justice system is one of the cornerstones of American society. When you start your four-year education, you may take core courses like Introduction to Criminal Justice, Police Systems and Practices, Corrections Systems and Policies, and Courts & Criminal Procedures.

When you have met the main requirements of your program, you may be able to select from specialized elective courses to finish your degree. Options that may be available in Washington include Statistics for Criminal Justice, Penology, Management in Criminal Justice, and Fundamentals of Criminal Law. Some of the classes you take may only require classroom work, but others may include a lab component in which you learn to process evidence and work with criminal justice tools.

Scholarships and grants can go a long way in making your education more affordable. You may want to look at each school's scholarship opportunities and look into community agencies that offer financial support. One local scholarship provider is the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs, which awards college scholarships to incoming students every year.

Working in the Field Of Criminal Justice in Washington

As a criminal justice professional, you may earn a variety of salaries over the duration of your career. Much depends on what field you specialize in and where you hope to work. Washington police supervisors claim a median salary of $93,900 per year (O*Net, 2014). The average salary for a private detective is $52,100 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Job growth in this industry is fairly stable in Washington. By the year 2022, a 3% increase and police supervisor jobs is expected (O*Net, 2012). During this time frame, private detective jobs may jump by 20% (O*Net, 2012).

If you are ready to get started on your new career path, contact criminal justice programs in Washington for more information.

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Central Washington University (Ellensburg, WA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Arts - Law and Justice
Clark College (Vancouver, WA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Science - Forensic Studies
Columbia Basin College (Pasco, WA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice and Forensics
Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice
ITT Technical Institute (Everett, WA / Seattle, WA / Spokane Valley, WA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice (online)
Saint Martin's University (Lacey, WA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice
Seattle University (Seattle, WA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor Degree - Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice
Tacoma Community College (Tacoma, WA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Arts - Paralegal
University of Phoenix (Spokane Valley, WA / Tukwila, WA)
Programs Offered:

BS - Criminal Justice Administration - Human Services (online), BS - Criminal Justice Administration - Management (online), BS - Criminal Justice Administration (online), BS - Organizational Security Management (online)
University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Arts - Law, Society and Justice
Washington State University (Pullman, WA)
Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice (online)

In addition to the campus based programs, there are numerous online programs available for many of the common Criminal Justice degree types (Associate, Bachelors, Masters, PhD) and specialties. Please feel free to use the links on the left-hand side of this page to explore some of the online degree programs available. Thanks for visiting!